Sunday, August 30, 2009

The 10 Best Reasons
to Oppose Charter Schools

from CPE member Loretta Prisco

Charter schools are paid for with taxpayer dollars, but privately operated.

#10. Charters don’t serve children with special needs, English Language Learners, taking the potentially highest achieving students.

#9. Charters don’t allow parent or staff participation in decision making.

#8. Charters that are for profit serve shareholders, not students.

#7. Charters are huge moneymakers for investors exempt from union rules and some government and labor laws that provide oversight.

#6. Charters counsel out students who are low performing or discipline problems.

#5. Charters are invading our public schools and pushing them out of their buildings.

#4. Charters have been reported for corruption and incredibly high administrative salaries.

#3. Charters are taking needed resources from traditional public schools.

#2. Charters are creating a two tier system – separate but not equal schools as corporate dollars are pumped in to initially capture the student market.

And the #1 reason:

National studies show that traditional public schools are outperforming charters!

Still want charters? Have a deal for you – I don’t want to swim in the public pool. Build a swimming pool in my backyard with taxpayer money; I’ll invite only those with whom I wish to swim.


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