Thursday, November 25, 2010

Parents & Youth Speak Out Against Dictator Bloomberg's Bumrushing Another NonEducator Czar
CPE Folks Gathering at the Start of the 23 November 2010 Press Conference

On Tuesday 23 November on the Steps of TWEED/DOME- The Dept of Mis-Education Headquarters 6th Grader Yvangeline Perez makes it plain about Billionaire Bloomberg's privatization plans impact upon immigrant students. She was part of the Coalition for Public Education/Coalicion por La Educacion Publica (CPE-CEP) press conference denouncing the appointment of another rich white noneducator corporatist to preside over the largest and most diverse public school system in the US.

CPE-CEP Co Chair Sista MubaYarofulani At the Megafone Speaking TRUTH to POWER!

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