Tuesday, December 14, 2010

US Education Quality Lags Far Behind World Standards. WHY?

More evidence that reveals that those who rule this nation are more concerned about "schooling" the US citizenry instead of "educating" us. 

"Schooling" is only about giving a person enough book knowledge to function as a BurgerKing cashier or a glorified secretary within a department store or the finance industry. It discourages- no... hates a person who can think critically and ask questions. It defines that person as a "problem" that requires either psychiatric drugs or some form of incarceration and social isolation.

"Education" is about developing a person's intellectual and creativity skills as far as possible. It encourages- no... demands critical thinking skills. It demands that a person see study as an integral part of their life's ongoing experience.

The news report below is another indication on how deep those who rule Capitalist America have underdeveloped the public education system.

Just look at the case of the selection of a second noneducator to head up the nation's largest public school system. Clearly it's not about "education." It's about CONTROL and PROFITS. When you create a "schooling" system of public education, there is no need for an educator to oversee it. So, Mayor Bloomberg is not in error to appoint Ms Cathie Black to chancellorship: the NYC public education system is not concerned with educating our children because 

(1) there are no jobs inside the US for millions of "educated" youngfolk, 
(2)  there is  profits to be made from the privatizing of public education in these times of multiple capitalist crises, and...
(3) the youth being "schooled" are primarily Black and Brown and have limited intellectual capacity anyway.

Join the Coalition for Public Education/Coalicion por La Educacion Publica (CPE-CEP) and help us bring into existence a truly FREE public education that EDUCATES our Children grounded in democratic neighborhood control thru direct parental-educator-student decision-making powers. 

Afterall, Education- Dictator Bloomberg notwithstanding -is a HUMAN RIGHT!

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