Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tuscon Chicano Students Shut Down School Board!

April 30, 2011--

On Wednesday April 27, Chican@ students and other shut down their school board, which was trying to take away their La Raza Program, which is a program looking at race, chican@s, and the border among other things, and which provides a crucial counter to a lotta the racist and imperialist histories that get taught in schools.

Check out these students fighting together with fire and fury, directly against the school board, and shutting it down!  These students didn’t listen when people told them they couldn’t take power directly, or that the only way to make change was wait to 18 and vote for president; they know their history and that direct confrontation to power is the only way to survive.  Could this happen in our own schools too when the Board of Education threatens to cut programs, teachers, and resources threaten?

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