Sunday, March 17, 2013

Disappearing Black & Lationo Teachers
Coalition for Public Education On TV!
Coalition Member Sean Ahern Speaks On It!

Sean Ahern talks about the decreasing numbers of African American and Hispanic teachers in the New York City public school system since 2002.

As of May 2012 40.3% of NYC public school students were Latino, 32% were Black, 14.9% were white and 13.7% were Asian. As of 2008, 59.9% of NYC k-12 public school teachers were white, 20.1% were Black, 14.9% were Latino, 13.7% were Asian and .7% were other. This is "normal" in a white supremacist system. It is also "normal" and imperative that teachers of all races speak out against such a system and advocate for a more diverse teaching staff that more closely reflects the student body.

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  1. Please note the following corrections: In 2008 13.8% of NYC teachers were Latino and 5.4% were Asian