Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Our Schools Are Not For Sale!

Our Philly Schools Are Not For Sale!!

from Media Mobilizing Project TV Plus

Public education is under attack. Will we learn to live with a two-tier education system where money comes first, or will we come together to guarantee a quality education for every child and young person? 

Our Schools Are Not For Sale is the story of Philadelphia's teachers, parents, students, and communities who are fighting for public schools that are well-resourced, high-quality and available to all. Watch how local communities are responding to a year of unprecedented attacks, including the closing of 24 schools, layoffs of hundreds of teachers and counselors, and the elimination of school libraries, art, music, and sports programs.

This video is a message to everyone who cares about the future of public schools. Now more than ever, we need to reach out and begin conversations with neighbors, friends, coworkers, and students about how each of us can contribute to the fight for public schools. Contact Media Mobilizing Project to host a community screening today!

Our Schools Are Not For Sale from Media Mobilizing Project TV on Vimeo.


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  3. The privatisation of the public school system causes big resentment among population. It’s obvious that turning public education over to private entities will ultimately lead to its destruction. The schools under private management were always academically underperforming the public schools. Teacher have use advance lending to make their ends meet. In order to fight for the preservation of public education teachers, students, and parents must break from the unions and join with their counterparts across the US and internationally.