Tuesday, March 31, 2015


We, the Coalition for Public Education (CPE) and the Independent Commission On Public Education (ICOPE), are building a united front to end mayoral control for good. We understand that Mayoral Control is the vehicle that is:
1. Undermining the quality of the future of our children by eliminating the child-centered institutions of learning and promoting the racist fueled and profit-centered privatized policies and structures of “education” institutions.
2. Stripping decision-making power from parents, educators, students, and community and giving power over to the mayor's office, his corporate allies, state legislators and the governor.
3. Infringing on the human rights of the students and parents of New York City public schools.
We need the help of other allies in implementing the dismantling of this educational system that continues to deliberately fail our children in the New York City public schools.
In its place, we must create an education system based on Human Rights that includes democratic participation, equity, nondiscrimination and the full rich human development of us all.
Call: 347-583-5925   or   917-756-6417

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