Monday, May 25, 2015

NY State Assemblywoman Nolan-Education Chair- Won't Answer Teacher Eval Questions

 Republican Assemblyman Jim Tedisco Exposes The Standardized Test as a Guillotine and the Bankruptcy of Ed Chair Kathy Nolan

Republican Assemblyman Jim Tedisco debated a bill to amend the education budget bill and Chairwoman Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan refused to answer questions regarding limiting the use of Common Core standardized tests that are forcing teachers to teach to the test and robbing students' joy of learning.


  1. please note that parents in impoverished communities participate in their youth development as much as possbile but we are often blocked by the district who wants to profit from our youth versus building the family and community. sad that Ms. Nolan is avoiding responsiblity much like the districts do. in advocating for quality education for all we did not ask for common core, each demographic is different and need different resources. what's missing in low income communities is the partnership with the families versus partnership with corporation. thanks Mr. Tedisco for his advocacy for teachers, because he was a teacher he understands better than those who are not teachers. please join us in our national protest to stop the dismantling of public education you can also learn more from educators at

    Also, please take time to read a post from a Philadelphia high school teacher and WE member about administering the Keystones. We need to make sure people who aren't in the classroom realize the true impact of these tests on students: #sos #batconf2015 #jesseturner #optout2015 #defendpubliceducation

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