Saturday, July 16, 2016

Cleveland's Community Based School (A Wraparound School)

Here's a short video depicting the Harvey Rice School... one of Cleveland's 25 "wraparound" or community schools.

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  1. Truly reforming education will take a new way of looking at the role of schools within the larger community, citizens envisioning a collaborative and holistic approach to taking care of families with children in their commuity, and implementing that vision. I have to say that, from what I've been reading as college essay writing service writer, more and more people are indeed embracing this idea. In fact, the approach naturally encompasses the idea of community policing I've also been hearing about. Parents, neighbors, local government, teachers, police, social services, the courts--if everyone starts working together to care for and educate the community's children, we'll be halfway there. There is still the question of funding. That comes down to gov't budgets. The author notes at the end of the piece that implementing this idea is going to take "political will," which has been sorely lacking over the past few decades. We must pressure our local, state, and federal lawmakers to not only increase funding but also change the way the funds are distributed. If property taxes cannot be redistributed on the local level, the states & the feds must make up for that inequity. And the obscene idea that funding be based on "performance" must be denounced. Poor-performing schools need more funding, not less.