Saturday, January 16, 2010

Alfred E Smith Students Use HipHop Video to Help Stop School Closing!

AES Proposed Phase-Out: Shop Classes put to music by Mark Noakes from Save AES CTE HS on Vimeo.

AES Students Know that Art Is a Weapon!

This is just another big piece of evidence revealing the brilliance and determination of our youth to struggle to be educated and productive citizens for their community. It is absolutely clear that the BloomKlein Dept of MisEducation (DOME) is not concerned with our youths' desires to be educated and pro-active citizens. As this powerful video implies: it's all about closing budget gaps and profits.

We need to continue to find ways to support these creative and heroic students of Alfred E. Smith Career and Technical Education High School (AES) to not only keep their school open, but to force the DOME to provide extra funds (that they squander elsewhere) to assist in improving the educational work developing their by their teachers, staff and administrators. Further, the DOME should find ways to replicate AES's educational successes in other parts of the city.

Close the DOME! Not our Schools!