Friday, January 15, 2010

Human Rights and Public Education: A Local and International Concern!

The Foundation of the Coalition for Public Education/Coalición por la Educación Pública is that Education is a Human Right! 

What does "Education is a Human Right" mean?

Local school systems and state and federal governments are responsible for guaranteeing the human right to education for every child. There are many human rights standards and principles that must be guaranteed in order to fulfill the right to education.

1. Equal access to education, Article 13, ICESCR

2. Education must adapt to meet the needs of diverse children, Article 13, ICESCR

3. Good quality curricula and teaching methods, Article 13, ICESCR

4. Relevant and culturally appropriate curricula, Article 13, ICESCR

5. Adequately trained teachers, Article 13, ICESCR

6. Equity in resources, Article 13, ICESCR

7. Education must be aimed at the full development of the child's potential and abilities, Article 29, CRC

8. Education must develop respect for the child's cultural identity, language and values, Article 29, CRC

9. Right to special services for children with disabilities, Article 23, CRC

10. Education must promote self-esteem and self-confidence, Article 29, CRC

11. Right to rest, leisure and play, Article 31, CRC

12. Right to dignity, Preamble, Articles 28 and 29, CRC

13. Freedom from degrading treatment, Article 37, CRC

14. Right to health, Article 24

15. Right to an adequate standard of living, Article 27, CRC

16. Right to family, Article 9, CRC

17. Freedom from violence, abuse and maltreatment, Article 19, CRC

18. Freedom from arbitrary arrest or detention, Article 19, CRC

19. Right to security of person, Article 3, UDHR

20. Right to freedom of opinion and expression, Article 19, UDHR

21. Right to participate in government (including public education), Article 21, UDHR

22. Right to remedy when your rights have been violated, Article 8, UDHR

23. Right to monitoring of the school system, Article 2 and 13, ICESCR

24. Right to information and transparency, Article 2 and 13, ICESCR

Abbreviations: CRC—Convention on the rights of the child; ICESCR-International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights; UDHR-Universal Declaration of Human Rights