Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ernestine Augustus: 

Harlem Public School Teacher Gives a 

Lesson to Parents and Teachers


THE COALITION FOR PUBLIC EDUCATION IS LEADING THE WAY FOR TEACHER AND PARENT UNITY AND COLLABORATION.  CPE Member, Sister Ernestine Augustus is a teacher at PS 123 in Harlem, NY and the parent of 4 children. It is our belief that we can improve public education is a greater communication and collaboration between parents and teachers.


Charter Parent Sees thru Charter Hype

Many Charter School Parents are beginning to see thru the BloomKlein mega hype about the "Wonders" of Charter Schools and the myth of "School Choice."

CPE-CEP is here to help them not only to see thru the BloomKlein Privatizing/Criminalizing, but also to replace this Subprime Educational System with one that is democratic, antiracist and in the CONTROL of parents, educators, students and community. 

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