Sunday, October 17, 2010

Resolution to Stop and Reverse the Disappearing of Black and Latino Educators
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Whereas  the hiring of Black and Latino educators has declined steadily from 41.5% of new hires in 2002 to 25.8% in 2008, and
Whereas  the hiring of white educators has risen steadily from 53.3% of the total of new hires in 2002 to 66% in 2008 and
Whereas  tenured teachers, including a large percentage of Black and Latino educators have been excessed, and
Whereas the DOE’s hiring of white over Black and Latino educators, combined with their excessing of tenured educators is an about face on racial justice and labor solidarity
Therefore be it resolved,
That the UFT take on the role of whistleblower to stop and reverse the disappearing of Black and Latino educators and publish complete and up to date hiring data disaggregated by race in the NY Teacher to raise awareness among the membership and public at large, and
That the officers and staff of the UFT not serve on the boards of or as consultants to agencies and contractors working under the direction of the Mayor including Teach for America and Teaching Fellows, until the Mayor and Chancellor implement credible affirmative measures to increase the percentage of Black and Latino educators actually hired to teach in NYC public schools and cease their attacks on the tenure system and contractual protections for senior educators and 
That Chapter Leaders, Delegates, Parent’s Associations, Community Education Councils, School Leadership Teams and C-30 members, be encouraged and supported by the UFT officers and staff to attract and retain a racially diverse and  highly qualified pedagogical staff that reflects the composition of the city’s student population and
That the UFT officers and staff take the lead and identify obstacles to the training, recruitment and retention of Black and Latino educators: propose corrective action; provide legal, legislative and other logistical supports to accomplish these goals and raise awareness and unity among the membership and with the school community at large and
That President Mulgrew assign staff to review the NYSED teacher certification exam to determine the exam’s effects on; a) staff diversity, b) student achievement, c) teacher retention, d) teacher quality according to parents, peers and school based administrators, and e) to make appropriate recommendations after consulting with the membership based on these findings.

School Staff Caucus/Coalition for Public Education (CPE) 
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