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Critique of the Charter School Invasion- Frontline for the Privateers


Jun 3, 2012 by

Danny Weil, a charter education expert, journalist, former public policy lawyer and activist discusses Governor Brown's so called "compromise" tax initiative and what it will really mean for public education. He calls it a subsidy for charters that will help further privatization of all public education in California. He also discusses the role of the NEA, AFT, and CFT in "lacing" themselves with money from privatizers such as the Bill an Melinda Gates Foundation and other "non-profit" foundations. 

Weil is also author of "Vouchers and Privatization of Education" and "Charter School Movement" 

The presentation was made in Berkeley, California on June 2, 2012
Production of United Public Workers For Action

Public Education, Privatization, Corruption And The Destruction Of Our Schools


At a California conference titled "Keep the Community in Community College"
on May 12th, a panel at San Francisco Community College Mission campus
was presented by United Public Workers For Action about privatization and the attack on public education. The title was Public Education, Privatization, Corruption And The Destruction Of Our Schools.

Madeline Mueller, AFT 2121, Professor San Francisco City College Music Department George Wright, Professor, AFT 1493 Skyline College San Mateo College District Kathy Carroll, lawyer and whistleblower at the California Commission On Teacher. Attorney Kathleen Carroll reported that the Governor Brown tax initiative "compromise" supported by the California Teachers Association and California Federation of Teachers along with the California AFL-CIO would permanently deregulate the oversight of the charter schools in California and allow further corruption, nepotism and conflicts of interests.

The conference had other panels and discussed the formation of a student union in California.

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