Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Black History Ammo for 2015-16 School Year: Know Your History-Ferguson Anniversary

As many of us return to school either as parents, students or teachers, we need to be armed with myth breaking intellectual ammunition. It is especially needed now more than ever because of the complete take over of the public education curriculum by racist megacorporations like Pearson or McGraw Hill or Prentice Hall. They dictate what is not going to be found in the history of this nation and in world history. They are already glossing over and prettifying slavery in the Americas as "incidental", "accidental", and an aberration. That somehow, even enslaved Africans and Native Americans were part of the Great Migration of people to America! That slavery was not as bad as those "radical" historians try to tell us.

Well, here is a good essay to help build a case for the TRUE History of the Americas. It is written by
Ms A'Lelia Bundles -- the great-granddaughter of Madame C J Walker (a Black inventor-businesswoman-activist-millionaire)

Ms Bundles says: Students [educators and parents, too] can download the free app for Al Jazeera magazine to access the August 2015 issue devoted to the Ferguson anniversary. There also may be other articles of interest to them.

They can go to the app stores via their phones or pads. Here are the links:

iPad/iPhone app

Monday, August 17, 2015

NYC Principal, Jamaal A. Bowman, Breaks Down Some Serious Education Analysis & Action

Restorative Practices & Community Building & Restorative Justice Conference #1

Jamaal A. Bowman Keynote Address at the first annual Restorative Justice conference at Lehman College on May 8th 2015 in the Bronx New York.